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Erectile Dysfunction

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Interesting Facts about Male Erectile Dysfunction

There is a lot of misleading information about erectile dysfunction and its causes. The fact that ED is a rather sensitive and, therefore, often hushed-up topic led to much rumor and speculation. Here are 5 surprising facts about erectile dysfunction that any man needs to know:

Do not confuse erectile dysfunction with erectile dissatisfaction. While ED frequently has physiological nature, erectile dissatisfaction is mostly associated with the psychological frustration that men experience when they compare their present-day erection with what it used to be when they were younger. Men with erectile dissatisfaction can still build an erection, but they feel it is more difficult and less satisfying than before. Erectile dysfunction pills are often the only replacement of a good therapy.

Prolonged and unprotected bicycling can cause ED. Bikers who cycle for more than 3 hours a week and do not wear any protective gear experience a lot of pressure on their genitals (the arteries in the penis get compressed), which ultimately can lead to ED.

Psychotherapy can help. Even if there is a physical problem behind ED, psychotherapy can still be of great assistance. Thus, it can teach ED patients how to handle the stress associated with unsatisfactory sexual performance or help prepare for the upcoming surgery.

Alternate medications and herbal supplements can be dangerous. While many generic ED drugs from India are just as good as popular in the USA, UK, Australia branded medications, various supplements sold online can be of very questionable quality and contain some ingredients that are not indicated in the packaging. We strongly recommend to buy erectile dysfunction pills of good quality, tested and approved by the FDA of the country – distributor.

ED can often be a sign of more severe health problems. At an older age, ED is often part of the natural aging process, but in young men, it can indicate some underlying health conditions like heart problems or diabetes.