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Hair loss

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Male pattern baldness is the less formal name for a condition called androgenetic alopecia. This condition affects a significant percentage of male population, so the need for reliable treatment is quite high. One of the most affordable treatments which is very popular in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and other countries are hair loss pills like finasteride.

Male pattern baldness is caused by an unfortunate combination of genetics and hormonal imbalance. In men who are affected by this condition, the hair follicles tend to become smaller and weaker after each life cycle. On the contrary, in men who are unaffected, the follicles retain their ability to grow strong, healthy hair. Their hair takes about three years to fully grow and fall out, and after that, the follicle immediately starts growing a new hair.

In men with male pattern baldness the cycle often gets shorter, so that individual hairs fall out after 12-18 months instead of three years. This further exhausts the hair follicles, and they end up growing much weaker and shorter hair with every cycle. Eventually the follicle resources become depleted, and they become unable to grow hair that is strong enough to get past the skin surface.

Most men first notice their hair becoming thinner and eventually receding at their temples. Some time later, the baldness pattern begins to affect the top of the head as well, leading to a bald spot in the middle of the scalp. Over the course of some years, most hair follicles become too weak, so the bald patch grows bigger. Once the bald spots on your temples and the top of your head start

expanding, they will “meet” at some point, leaving you with rims of hair at the front and at the back of your head. In some men, even that hair will get thinner and recede with age, while others retain it for the rest of their lives. Finasteride is a medication that is commonly used to prevent male pattern baldness. Numerous studies have shown that finasteride can slow down male pattern hair loss by years, and in some cases, finasteride users even report observing hair regrowth. At last price pharmacy you can buy hair loss pills of various manufactures in India.