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Not to worry, many people may not have heard of this particular type of supplementation. Unfortunately, many have watched the film limitless and think they can find this type of drug, sadly this is not the case. But there is a lot more to it than you may think.

We advise all people who are new to our products to check out the following links and read our article “what are nootropics”.

www.longecity.org – A great community teeming with extremely knowledgeable people who all share the same passion for brain health and better living.

www.Bluelight.ru – Useful for those who want to hear directly from user experiences.

What is the best nootropic for my particular needs?
Nootropics are growing popularity in the USA, UK Australia and New Zealand.Most people have a specific use for nootropics, whether it is sports, education, illness, age or world domination there is something for everyone who wants to be better. Self-improvement is not a magic bullet approach and it comes easily to those who accompany their supplementation with adequate sleep, determination and healthy eating.

The best course of action is to set out targets and determine which nootropics can help you achieve these. You can buy nootropics online right here, and get high quality noots and smart drugs from India. Then you should be sure to have a method of measuring your progress. This could be a memory game, or an awareness test. Many enjoy the ease of brain training applications on their phone, which can be useful so long as you can record your scores over time.

Once you have a plan of action, stick to it, and make sure you allocate a time frame on your goals so you can determine what is working best for you.

Is it safe to combine nootropics, and what should I do about my existing medication?
Most if not all nootropics supplements can be combined or “stacked”. This is mainly due to the fact that by definition nootropics must be non-toxic and generally free from interactions, however it is advised that you consult with a medical practitioner before taking any nootropic alongside existing medication. We are not able to provide you with specific medical advice concerning every type of medication you may be taking, so it is your duty to find out before purchasing from our site.

Can you sell me that drug from the film limitless?
The short answer is no, it does not exist. Many people have asked about this fictional drug and the touted superhuman effects it can give the user. The fact is there is nothing that exists like the drug in the film, and actually, the closest compound to the effects seen in the film would be that of controlled substances that come with dependence and toxicity.

I don’t feel anything from nootropics!?
We understand that some people may be expecting a bit too much from our products, this is why we have written a detailed explanation of how they work and what to expect, and you can find it all here.

May I try your products for free?
Unfortunately, we receive too many requests for free samples to cater for everyone, sorry. But sometimes you can find hot deals at free samples page.