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Nevirapine: Potent NNRTI Medication to Treat HIV-1 Infection in Adults and Children

Nevirapine or Nevimune, which is distributed under the brand name Viramune, is another representative of the non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors class of Rx antiretroviral medications used to treat HIV-1 in children of all ages and adult patients. If patients take Nevirapine separately from other antiretroviral medications, as a monotherapy, they can quickly develop drug-resistant HIV. That is why the drug is always prescribed in several combination regimens with other nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors for treating HIV infection. Nevirapine is commonly ordered to HIV-positive pregnant women to prevent vertical transmission of the virus from mother to child. At last price pharmacy one can buy nevirapine made by Cipla, India. It is called Nevimune 200Mg. Nevimune is generic of  Viramune. Nevimune is growing highest demand in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe.

Mechanism of Action of Nevirapine

The mechanism of action of Nevirapine is similar to other NNRTI of this class: it inhibits the function of the RT enzyme, prevents it from participating in the process of RNA conversion into DNA, and disrupts the overall process of viral multiplication. The drug is efficient in containing the spread of the infection through the body and keeping the viral load low; however, it cannot cure HIV completely or destroy the infected cells. To exclude the risk of passing the infection to others, HIV-positive people should always stick to their medication regimen suggested by the doctor, use latex barrier contraception during sexual intercourse, and avoid sharing with others their personal items (razors, toothbrushes, needles, or syringes) that could have been in contact with the blood or other bodily fluids of the infected person.

Price of Nevimune 200mg tablet

The cost of Nevimune, Nevirapine by Cipla varies depending on the quantity. However is is 2-3 times cheaper than it’s branded analogue. You can order 60 pill pack of Nevimune 200mg for less than 1$ / pill . You can contact our support team to request Nevimune wholesale price. At otc online pharmacy you can buy Cipla nevirapine using credit card or Bitcoin (BTC)

Who Should and Should Not Take This ARV Medication?

As part of a combination HIV therapy, Nevirapine is prescribed to treat HIV-1 infection in children and adult patients alike. If taken in strict accordance with the doctor’s recommendations, it helps to reduce the concentration of HIV in the bloodstream, strengthen the immune system of the patient, and enhance its resistance to various bacteria, opportunistic infections, and certain diseases.

However, Nevirapine is not harmless for everyone to take. The medication is known to have a profound hepatotoxic effect and a wide range of other adverse effects on human health, so it is strictly not suitable for the following categories of HIV-positive patients:

  • patients who have an allergy to Nevimune 200mg – Nevirapine or other ingredients of the drug
  • patients who suffer from severe liver diseases or liver dysfunction
  • patients who suffer from a rare genetic metabolic disease called porphyria
  • patients who undergo long-term kidney dialysis
  • patients who are lactose or galactose intolerant

Pregnant women can take Nevirapine only when it is distinctly required and sanctioned by the doctor to minimize the risk of mother-to-fetus transmission of HIV.

Side Effects of Nevirapine

The most commonly reported side effect of taking Nevirapine is rash. Other possible symptoms include weariness, sluggishness, sickness and vomiting, stomach upset. These symptoms are considered to be unhazardous and usually go away after a few weeks of taking Nevirapine. However, if they remain for a longer time or aggravate, inform your doctor as soon as possible.

Some rarer but more worrying adverse reactions reported by HIV patients taking Nevimune 200 are a sudden loss of weight, pains in joints and muscles, muscular weakness, limb numbness, vision irregularities, overactive thyroid signs, labored breathing, abnormalities in cardiac performance.

Drug Interactions of Nevirapine

Some prescription and over-the-counter drugs, as well as certain herbal supplements, can alter the way Nevirapine works or be altered by it. To avoid this and reduce the risk of harmful side effects, give your doctor a complete list of all and any medications, vitamins, and additives that you are taking.

Here is a list of some of the most widespread Nevimune drug interactions:

  • orlistat – a medication used to treat obesity
  • rifabutin – a broad-spectrum antibiotic
  • warfarin – an anticoagulant medication
  • rifampin – antituberculous antibiotic
  • St. John’s wort
  • oral contraceptive pills/hormone type of birth control
  • antiarrhythmics
  • antiseizure drugs
  • azole antifungals
  • drugs for treating HIV (protease inhibitors)

If you are not sure whether a specific medicine interacts with Nevirapine and may cause serious adverse reactions, ask your doctor for advice. Do not start or stop taking any meds or change their dosage at your own and sole discretion without seeing your doctor first.


How to Ensure the Highest Efficiency of Treatment with Nevimune 200 Nevirapine?

Here is a bit of information on the drug along with a few helpful tips for patients who are planning to start taking Nevirapine:

  • Nevirapine might not be a suitable ARV medication for HIV-positive patients if their CD4+ T-cell count is higher than 250 cells/mm3 for women and 400 cells/mm3 for men. Make sure your doctor keeps track of those via performing regular blood tests on you.
  • Nevirapine can be extremely hepatotoxic, so your doctor needs to be able to regularly monitor the function of your liver. Do not miss your medical appointments.
  • Always stick to your Nevimune 200mg Nevirapine drug regimen. Do not skip taking the drug. Work out an efficient drug-taking routine that will help you to adhere better.
  • Follow all the doctor’s recommendations regarding diets, prohibited foods or drinks, or any required changes to your lifestyle and habits.
  • Remember that neither Nevirapine nor any other ARV medication can cure HIV completely. There is always a risk of transmitting the infection to other people. Always use condoms during sexual intercourse.