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Buy Nootropil

Nootropil, generic name Piracetam is a drug for enhancing memory and cognitive abilities. Numerous people all over the globe consume this nootropic to boost memory and help with memorization. Piracetam is consumed by older people and younger individuals. According to the research and clinical studies, it is obvious that Piracetam is helpful for people who experience memory loss or find it difficult to maintain their knowledge. You can buy Nootropil online with credit card, echeck, bitcoin, ethereum, usdt and other payment options in order to improve and enhance the functions related to the memory development and central nervous system. The drug may be beneficial for those suffering from circulation problems, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, OC, acute ischemic stroke, heart disease, traumatic brain injury, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

This nootropic drug can improve intellectual functions and is often prescribed to treat dementia and cognitive issues in a number of European countries. According to the elaborate clinical study, performed by L.S. Guzilova and N.N. Zavadenko, Piracetam delivers positive results when it comes to treating impairments in the motor (coordination) and mental (attention, memory, executive) functions. In addition to that, it beneficially affected the speeds of the motor and cognitive operations. At lastprice pharmacy you can buy piracetam made by German Remedies and get high quality nootropic for your daily life.

Piracetam was manufactured in India by UCB company under the trademark Nootropil.

Numerous clinical experiments have been conducted to test the nootropic substance. Nootropil showed great results when it comes to the treatment of epilepsy, dementia, post-stroke aphasia, myoclonus, and cognitive decline after brain and heart surgeries. Because of its vascular influence, the drug is prescribed to those that suffer from dyslexia, sickle-cell anemia, and vertigo.

Here are some other piracetam brands available in India:

Influence of Piracetam on corpus callosum

Piracetam the active ingredient of nootropil tablet can definitely improve the communication between the brain hemispheres and also boost the corpus callosum activity. The left and right hemispheres of the brain have different functions but they complement one another. The functions of the left hemisphere are associated with the logical thinking, analytical abilities, speech, grammar processing, writing, reading, memory (related to time, events, and names), numbers, etc. The functions of the right hemisphere are related to the feelings, emotions, creativity, artistic expression, music, fantasy, colors, self-recognition, socialization, and more. According to experts, the right hemisphere is responsible for EQ (emotional quotient) while the left hemisphere is responsible for IQ (intelligence quotient). Piracetam makes to possible for the hemispheres to interact effectively.

What is the chemical structure of Piracetam?

2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine acetamide is the chemical name of the drug. Its base structure, 2-oxo-pyrrolidone, is shared with 2-oxo-pyrrolidine carboxylic acid (pyroglutamate).

Tablet dosage and price of Nootropil tablet

The standard initial dosage of Nootropil is 1600 mg taken three times a day. If the drug is prescribed to a child, the dosage can be changed. The dosage of Piracetam also depends on the reason why it is prescribed and is generally in the range of 1.6-9.6 grams per day (2-12 tablets per day). The cost of half of the dose of Nootropil tablet is less then 1$/pill. At the price list above you will find various quantities of Nootropil so as product prices.

Some patients experienced better results taking 1-2 tablets an hour for 4-6 hours or consuming 4-8 tablets simultaneously for the first several days of the treatment to see the results. Even when high dosages of the drug are consumed for a long time, no medical records or documents suggest that it leads to severe negative effects. In a few cases, people experienced insomnia or headaches, which were caused by the low choline levels.

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Some patients recommend consuming Nootropil along with Choline, which boosts the effects of the drug and eliminates the risk of adverse reactions. Choline supplements can be bought from the local pharmacies or nootropic vendor. It is naturally found in cauliflower, beef liver, and eggs, and is also often a part of B-complex supplements. The most expensive grades of Choline include CDP Choline, Alpha GPC, and Citicoline. But, the cheaper alternative, choline bitartrate, also works fine.

Nootropic stacks and Piracetam

One of the most famous racetams, Piracetam, an active ingredient of Nootropil has been actively used with numerous other nootropics and supplements. Over the years, the work of Piracetam was improved by combining it with certain prescriptions drugs, choline supplements, cognitive enhancers, and more. Choline and Piracetam stack are among the most common blends, and it was proven to deliver the effects when it comes to leveraging specific receptor and neurotransmitter actions.

Even though all racetams have distinct effects and various half-lives, they all work well with each other when stacked or taken together. When taken with Aniracetam, Piracetam boosts AMPA receptor functions, while when the drug is consumed with Fasoracetam it may deliver anti-depressive or anxiolytic effects.

Additionally, this racetam can be used in combination with vitamins and supplements. Some of the supplements that can be used with Piracetam include caffeine, B-complex, huperzine-A, potassium, and vinpocetine. It has been proven that the effectiveness of the nootropic is increased with the help of the mentioned supplements. B-complex, calcium, and potassium are among the most common supplements to bring the performance of Piracetam to the next level. There are numerous combinations that can be added to your regimen of consuming Piracetam. In most cases, it is safe to stack Piracetam with vitamins, different supplements, and all the nootropics in the racetam class.

How does Nootropil work?

Nootropil works by improving the functions of the (Ach) receptors and transmitters. Abbreviated as ACh, Acetylcholine is involved in the development and memory processes. The sources of Choline, such as choline bitartrate and Alpha GPC, cause the increase in the production of Acetylcholine. As part of the racetam class of nootropics, Piracetam boosts and improves the activity of ACh receptors. ACh is not only involved in the memory process, but it is also a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS) of humans and numerous organisms.

If you want to learn more about Nootropil and its generic name Piracetam, feel free to study our Piracetam Research Page. We carefully collected the information and found clinical results, medical papers, and trials related to the drug.