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Pregabalin (Maxgalin)


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Pregabalin (Maxgalin)

Pregabalin (Maxgalin) is generic version of popular drug called Lyrica made by Sun Pharma.

What is Pregabalin (Maxgalin) usage?

Pregabalin is normally prescribed for patients who suffer from:

  • fibromyalgia (a condition that makes your whole body hurt)

  • neuropathic pain that is a result of nerve damage from diabetes, shingles, or injuries of the back and spinal cord

  • partial onset seizures (only in combination with other seizure medications)

What is Maxgalin?

The most popular generic version of pregabalin made by Sun Pharma is called Maxgalin. Many customers from the USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore purchase Sun Pharma pregabalin online. Pregabalin is a medication which belongs to the anticonvulsant drug class (a group of pharmaceuticals that share a similar chemical structure and work in similar ways). Drugs that belong to the same drug class are normally used to address the same medical conditions.

Currently, medical science does not yet have an answer as to how pregabalin works. Scientists and researchers believe that it could work by interacting with the inflamed or damaged nerves in your body to produce a calming effect and stop the pain.

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What is Maxgalin 75mg and 100mg tablet price?

At the table above you can find different pricing for Sun Pharma maxgalin tablets. We offer match price option for our customers. If you have found cheaper maxgalin at a reputable store, please write us back and we will match it. Average Maxgalin 75mg pill cost is 1$/pill while 150mg cost is 1,5$/pill. When you order larger quantity you can reduce the price of Maxgalin.

Before you buy Maxgalin online check potential side effects caused by this medicines. Pregabalin is known to cause dizziness and blurred vision in some patients. It may also have an impact on your ability to think clearly and perform coordinated movements. Thus, you should refrain from operating heavy machinery and possibly even driving in the beginning of your treatment course. Once you know how pregabalin affects you, you’ll be able to adjust your daily activities to that.

Pregabalin may also have some other side effects, including but not limited to:

  • feeling sleepy all the time

  • poor concentration

  • weight gain

  • swollen hands and/or feet

  • dry sensation in the mouth

  • blurred vision

  • feeling dizzy

These side effects may be mild enough to safely ignore until they go away. However, if they persist or are severe enough to disrupt your daily life, be sure to discuss that with your doctor because you might need to stop taking pregabalin or switch to a lower dosage.

Interactions of Pregabalin (Maxgalin)

Your risk of experiencing pregabalin side effects may be higher if you are combining pregabalin with certain other pharmaceuticals. If you combine it with diabetes medications (rosiglitazone, pioglitazone, etc.), you’ll be more likely to gain weight or have your hands/feet swollen as compared to using these drugs separately. Patients who already have heart problems may be at a higher risk of heart failure as a result of combining these medications.

Tranquilizers and narcotic painkillers don’t mix well with pregabalin because the resulting combination is very likely to make you feel extremely sleepy and dizzy.

If you’re taking medications to control your blood pressure, such as captopril or lisinopril, combining them with pregabalin may result in hives and swollen arms/feet.

At this point we would like to mention that while we aim to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date information about pregabalin drug interactions, we have no way of knowing how the medications in question might interact in your particular case. Thus, there is no guarantee that the interactions mentioned above will surely happen for you or that you won’t experience any other interactions.

Also, bear in mind that this information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis and treatment. Always be sure to discuss all your health problems with your healthcare provider and inform him/her about all medications (both prescription and over-the-counter), dietary supplements, vitamins, and recreational drugs you are currently taking.